CoreCivic’s key benefits include:


Cutting-Edge Efficient Design

With a "test environment" of more than 50 owned assets nationwide, we have facilities of every modern era, design and security level in a variety of climates. This diversity gives the CoreCivic team unmatched expertise in designing the most efficient facility for any situation.

Aggressive Construction Schedule

Time is of the essence when delivering core government assets. The services provided in these facilities are essential to our government partners, and even a short delay can be catastrophic for the agencies relying on the delivery schedule. As exhibited below, our construction timeframes are significantly shorter than those offered by other delivery methods:

  • San Diego, California (2015) – 1,492 cell/dorm beds in 22 months

  • Hartsville, Tennessee (2015) – 2,552 cell/dorm beds in 22 months

  • Dilley, Texas (2015) – 2,400 modular beds in 8 months (leased)

  • Millen, Georgia (2012) – 1,150 cell/dorm beds in 15 months

  • Eloy, Arizona (2009) – 3,060 cell beds in 15 months

  • Pahrump, Nevada (2010) – 1,176 dorm beds in 18 months

Low Cost Per Bed

With a large team of partner general contractors (GC) and architectural and engineering (A&E) firms nationwide, we constantly strive to have the most cost-effective, cutting-edge design built by the most competitive teams in the industry. This allows us to keep a consistently low cost per bed (includes construction plus A/E services) as exhibited below (Note: Typically, variances in cost per bed are geographic, size and design-related).

  • San Diego, California (2015) – $73,000

  • Hartsville, Tennessee (2015) – $52,000

  • Millen, Georgia (2012) – $41,000

  • Eloy, Arizona (2009) – $56,000

  • Pahrump, Nevada (2008) – $65,000

Best-in-Class Owner Services

Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Certainty

Example: In 2014 alone, we funded more than $62 million in preventative and routine maintenance costs across our facility portfolio.  We also ensure that adequate amounts are on hand to cover the types of unanticipated repairs experienced in the life cycle of real estate assets, this resulted in an additional $1.8 million in emergent funds being dedicated to the portfolio in this same period.

Caring for more than 60 facilities nationwide, CoreCivic's team has experience with all aspects of routine, preventative and emergency facility maintenance. Using nationwide buying power with trusted providers, we are able to maintain our facilities cost-effectively and meticulously. We believe that a well-cared-for facility is not only safer for the staff and inmates but also less costly over time. By providing all maintenance as part of our lease agreements and absorbing all risk for catastrophic failures, CoreCivic offers budget certainty for our partners. Costly catastrophic failures can severely impact a government budget, as the systems used in correctional facilities are often specialized and can impact life safety, requiring immediate replacement if they fail.


Utility Management Services

Case Study: The installation of a flush valve and shower control system at one of our Arizona facilities has resulted in water savings of over 231 million gallons, which translates into utility savings of more than $2.4 million since 2012.

With a dedicated staff of energy management professionals, we ensure that our facilities not only get the best possible pricing on utility contracts, but we also continually upgrade our assets with the latest in cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology such as LED lighting, water conservation and solar water heating. These savings are a direct benefit to the government partner through lower utility bills.


Insurance Management

Case Study: Each year, every company facility receives a walk-through by the insurance company to ensure that all potential risk conditions are mitigated (e.g., there are inspections of fire alarms, electrical systems, generators, laundry equipment, etc.). Any areas of improvement noted during the walk-through are immediately addressed. This is just one of the many steps that CoreCivic takes to offer our partners the safest possible facility environment.

During the life cycle of an asset, unexpected issues such as accidents or weather events can occur. In locations where critical services are provided, such as correctional facilities, it is imperative that these occurrences are managed in a way that minimizes the impact on facility operation. To this end, CoreCivic offers a robust and immediate insurance management program that supports the timely repair of any asset impacted by such an unexpected occurrence. With a dedicated, full-time insurance management specialist on staff, one call will ensure that our adjustors and repair teams are on site to support the facility immediately.


Property Tax Management:

Case Study: In 2014 alone, the company paid more than $35 million in property taxes related to our owned facilities.

A key benefit of a CoreCivic-owned facility is the property taxes paid to the community. Our dedicated team of property tax specialists works directly with the locality to ensure that our assets are properly valued and taxed. In many instances, our facilities represent the largest property tax paid in the community.