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Our DEI Annual Report, a first for CoreCivic, showcases our DEI journey from the beginning, our progress towards our DEI goals, our external impact within the community and some brief highlights of our future work for the year ahead.

2022 DEI Annual Report-FINAL



CoreCivic is committed to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, and recently undertook a comprehensive, external audit to gain greater insights into racial equity throughout our organization. The results of that audit are posted here.

CoreCivic Racial Equity Audit Report

Strengthening DEI

We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion drives the quality of our operations, increases employee engagement and fortifies a culture of dignity and respect. CoreCivic leans on our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Council comprised of team members from across the organization. Further, we established a board level DEI Committee that helps oversee this important work. These groups, in cooperation with outside consultants specializing in DEI, are charged with setting organizational goals and promoting a diverse and inclusive culture in all aspects of the company's operations.


Diversity Equity and Inclusion-full