Governments at all levels face the challenges of aging or inadequate facilities.


We provide the solution.

With stretched budgets and competing priorities, decision-makers need a partner that can provide the range of expertise necessary to deliver modern facilities in an innovative, time-sensitive and cost-effective way.

The team at CoreCivic has the benefit of more than three decades of experience designing, building, financing and maintaining specialized federal, state and local government facilities. Our mission has always been to provide flexibility to government partners however, whenever and wherever they need it.

Drawing from this deep experience, CoreCivic can provide the facilities governments need in a way that enables leaders to focus their valuable time — and resources — on other vital public services.

Who We Are

Since our company's inception in 1983, we have relied on our full-service real estate group to deliver and maintain facilities in a cost-effective, timely manner. CoreCivic provides the government sector unprecedented access to the best-in-class real estate services that have historically allowed us to provide such cost-effective rates for its partners. 

What We Do

CoreCivic acts solely to site, design, build, finance, own, maintain and lease core assets to government partners. We provide services directly related to the ownership and upkeep of the asset, including maintenance services, utility management and insurance and property tax management. The government partner provides its own staffing and management services.