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CoreCivic is committed to providing high quality, compassionate treatment to all those in our care.  Here are the facts about what we do and what we don't do as a company:


Immigrant Detention

CoreCivic partners with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to provide safe environments where detainees can reside as they go through their legal due process in the United States. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about our company and immigrant detention. CoreCivic never has and never will house unaccompanied minors. Children are educated and never separated, balanced meals are planned by dieticians, and comprehensive medical and dental care is readily available.

Here are more facts about immigrant detention services at CoreCivic:


2019 ESG Report

CoreCivic released its second ESG report, which shows continuing progress toward our reentry goals and much more. 

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Work for CoreCivic

Join a dynamic team of professionals united in one common goal – changing lives in a safe and secure environment.

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Change in People

CoreCivic is committed to reducing recidivism through the delivery of high-quality programming and services. As reentry professionals, our priority is changing lives.