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CoreCivic's South Central Facility Commemorates 30 Years

5/12/22 8:00 AM
For the past three decades, team members at South Central Correctional Center have been working toward a shared mission: helping people and keeping communities safe. Located in Clifton, Tennessee, Warden Grady Perry has had eyes on the facility from ...
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CoreCivic Leadership Celebrates Employees During NCOEW

5/2/22 11:00 AM
National Correctional Officers and Employees Week (NCOEW), which is celebrated annually during the first week of May, honors the dedicated individuals who work in the field of corrections. This year, we asked our leadership team to share their ...
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Reentry Report: The Impacts of Postsecondary Education on Reentry

4/28/22 11:00 AM
For those who put in the time and dedication, education can provide a path for upward mobility in their careers and their income. Whether working toward a high school diploma, a degree from a two or four year college or a vocational certification, ...
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Meeting Workforce Challenges with Second Chance Talent

4/22/22 8:00 AM
The month of April is recognized as Second Chance Month, a time to raise public awareness about giving those who have been convicted of crimes and completed sentences the opportunity for an honest second chance at successfully reentering our ...
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CoreCivic Releases Fourth Annual ESG Report for 2021

4/14/22 8:00 AM
Since 2019, CoreCivic has committed to openly and honestly reporting our impact on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics. This week, we launched our fourth annual ESG Report for 2021, highlighting our commitments to reentry, human ...
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In Their Own Words: CoreCivic Employees and Residents Discuss the Importance of Second Chances

4/8/22 12:00 PM
April is Second Chance Month. To help others better understand how important second chances are to justice-involved individuals, we asked CoreCivic staff why they believe second chances are needed to support those in our care and positively impact ...
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Advancing Human Rights for All

4/1/22 8:00 AM
Since our founding, CoreCivic has been committed to professionalism and to upholding the rights of our employees and those in our care. This commitment is central to the values that guide our business and operational strategy.
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Celebrating Women: CoreCivic's Board Recognized for Gender Diversity

3/25/22 8:00 AM
Diversity helps foster an environment of inclusivity and ensures that different viewpoints are respected and heard. CoreCivic's Board of Directors, including the women who hold seats on the board, celebrate and embrace that diversity.
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Braille Program in Arizona Helps Vision-Impaired Schoolchildren

3/17/22 8:00 AM
Vocational reentry programming is designed to prepare justice-involved individuals to rejoin their communities equipped with marketable skills they can use to gain employment. We often hear, however, the most rewarding programs offer those in our ...
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Using Research to Measure the Effectiveness of Reentry Programming

3/10/22 8:01 AM
Reentry programming can be incredibly beneficial for many individuals, helping them learn life and vocational skills that prepare them to reenter society with a solid foundation and in theory, reduce their risk of recidivism. What can often be ...
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Reentry Recap: Focusing on Evidence-Based Practices in 2022

3/3/22 8:00 AM
I'm Matt Moore, senior director of Reentry Services at CoreCivic, and I'd like to share a bit about our reentry efforts over the past year. Despite the continued challenges that COVID-19 presented, I'm proud of our reentry professionals who achieved ...
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Transforming Lives Through Music

2/24/22 12:21 PM
Every song tells a story and can evoke a range of emotions from love, joy, and faith to pain, anger, and regret. Additionally, learning to play an instrument in a group can be difficult, with the stress potentially causing beginners to give up in ...
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Building a Foundation: CoreCivic Partners with Home Builders Institute to Launch Construction Career Program

2/17/22 8:00 AM
CoreCivic aims to help justice-involved individuals create a solid foundation they can build upon as they work toward reentering society. Now, thanks to a partnership with the Home Builders Institute (HBI), those in our care can learn skills that ...
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Supporting Successful Reentry at Corpus Christi Transitional Center

2/10/22 8:00 AM
Corpus Christi Transitional Center, located in Texas, is no stranger to witnessing positive change in the lives of those it serves. Staff at Corpus Christi achieve this by focusing on the mission: providing positive support and creating a ...
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2021 Public Policy Support Update

2/3/22 8:30 AM
CoreCivic strongly advocates for public policies aimed at reducing recidivism. Each year, our team researches legislation across the United States that supports pro-reentry initiatives. We support legislation that will help returning citizens access ...
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