Reducing Recidivism

Reducing recidivism and strengthening communities go to the heart of CoreCivic's mission. We prioritize quality education/vocational training, reentry programming, and substance use treatment from day one to help break the cycle of incarceration.


Tackling Root Issues

CoreCivic is committed to preparing inmates to return as productive, contributing members of society. That’s why we provide robust and intensive programming that helps inmates tackle the root issues of their incarceration, like cognitive/behavioral and substance use disorders.


Preparing for New Chapters

We operate a growing network of Residential Reentry Centers across the nation to help address America's recidivism crisis. These transitional facilities offer residents continued services, programs and resources needed to be successful after release.


Work for CoreCivic

Join our ranks of CoreCivic professionals who work to improve the lives of others and better the public good.

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Power of Reentry Programs

Recidivism affects the entire community.  CoreCivic is dedicated to providing quality reentry programs and services that build stronger communities, reduce recidivism, and change lives.

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