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CoreCivic is committed to embedding ESG considerations into our strategy and operations. We believe that doing so creates value for all of our stakeholders, and provides an opportunity to engage with our stakeholders on the topics of greatest interest and impact. This page is dedicated to hosting ESG-related materials and supplemental information that reflects our ESG commitments.


Areas of Focus

We focus our ESG strategy and reporting on the areas where we have the greatest impact, which includes human rights, contract compliance, reentry services, and employee development, just to name a few.

Our Progress

We disclose our progress against ESG goals in our annual ESG reports. These reports are based on reporting standards issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

•  2023 ESG Report
•  2022 ESG Report
•  2021 ESG Report
•  2020 ESG Report
•  2019 ESG Report
•  2018 ESG Report
•  Quality Assurance Addendum Report
•  Human Rights Risk Assessment Addendum Report
•  California Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosure Act (AB 1305)


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