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Centennial Community Transition Center

Centennial Community Transition Center

Customer base: Colorado Department of Public Safety - Facility Type: Community Corrections Center
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14485 E. Fremont Ave., Englewood, CO 80112

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Ericka Gillespie, Facility Director

Facility Leader: Ericka Gillespie, Facility Director

Ericka Gillespie was named facility director at Centennial Community Transition Center in December 2021. Previously, she was facility director at Fox Facility. Gillespie began her corrections career as a case manager at the Adams County Community Corrections division in 1997. She then transitioned to serve as a case manager supervisor at Avalon Community Corrections and then executive director at Correctional Management Incorporated (CMI) Denver County. In 2016, CoreCivic acquired CMI and Gillespie became facility director at Dahlia Facility. Gillespie also served as facility director at formerly CoreCivic-operated Henderson Facility.

Gillespie holds an associate's degree in general studies from Aurora Community College and a bachelor's degree in behavioral studies from Metropolitan State College of Denver. She holds a Certified Addictions Counselor license.

Facility PREA Information

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Compliance Manager: Ericka Gillespie, Facility Director


Third Party Reporting Method(s):

Call The DOC TIPS Line: 1-877-362-8477

Call the Facility: 303-627-0987

Call the CoreCivic Ethics and Compliance Hotline: 1-800-461-9330, or


Mail a letter to the facility: CCTC
ATTN: Program Director
14485 East Fremont Avenue
Englewood, CO 80112


Facility PREA Policy: Download

PREA Audit Date: October 17-18, 2023

Facility PREA Report: Download

PREA Audit Date: October 12, 2020

Facility PREA Report: Download

PREA Audit Date: September 13-14, 2017

PREA Audit Report: Download

PREA Audit Date: August 10-12, 2015 

PREA Audit Report: Download

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