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Ocean View

Ocean View

Customer base: Federal Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Pretrial, San Diego County - Facility Type: Minimum-Security, Owned Since 2013
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551 South 35th Street, San Diego, CA 92113

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Aisha Alvarado, Facility Director

Facility Leader: Aisha Alvarado, Facility Director

Aisha Alvarado was named facility director at Ocean View in November 2022. Previously, she was the facility director at Dahlia Facility. Prior to joining CoreCivic, she was a case manager at Correctional Management, Inc. (CMI). CoreCivic acquired CMI in 2014, when Alvarado became facility director at Ulster Facility. She holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Westwood College in Denver.

Facility PREA Information

The following information is provided in accordance with PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003). Learn more

Compliance Manager: Aisha Alvarado, Facility Director


Third Party Reporting Method(s):

Call the San Diego Police: 619-531-2000

Call the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP): 310-732-5179 (for BOP residents only)

Call the CoreCivic Ethics and Compliance Hotline: 1-800-461-9330, or

Mail a letter to the facility:

Ocean View

ATTN: PREA Compliance Manager

551 South 35th Street

San Diego, CA 92113


Facility PREA Policy: Download

PREA Audit Date or Scheduled Audit Date: January 24-25, 2023

PREA Audit Report: Download 

PREA Audit Date or Scheduled Audit Date: January 28-29, 2020

PREA Audit Report: Download 

PREA Audit Date or Scheduled Audit Date: February 23-24, 2017

PREA Audit Report: Download

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