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Recidivism in America

There is a crisis in America around the issue of recidivism - that is, the issue of formerly incarcerated individuals returning to prison. Research tells us that about two-thirds of formerly incarcerated individuals will be re-arrested within three years. Individuals who recidivate inflict pain on themselves, their families, and the victims of their crimes. Further, their reincarceration drives up costs for taxpayers. But, there is something we can do.

A significant amount of research has been done showing that if inmates receive educational opportunities, substance use disorder treatment and other life skills while incarcerated, they are much less likely to return to prison. At CoreCivic, we believe we all share a responsibility to help individuals successfully reenter society and stay out of prison for good - and we've taken measurable steps in that direction.

Take a look at some of the national research on recidivism and what can be done to change the outcome.

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Our Commitment

In 2014, our President and CEO Damon Hininger laid out his reentry vision for CoreCivic. As a company, we made unprecedented commitments to strengthen our programming for inmate reentry. Thanks to our talented teachers, chaplains, treatment managers, counselors and safety staff we have achieved remarkable progress toward those targets.

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Public Policy Advocacy

CoreCivic advocates for laws and government policies that will help justice-involved individuals successfully reenter our communities and stay out of prison. 

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