Innovative Solutions for Correctional Real Estate

CoreCivic has a long history of providing innovative solutions to our government partners. Since our company was founded in 1983, we have relied on our full-service real estate group to deliver and maintain correctional and detention facilities in a cost-effective, timely manner. 

CoreCivic Properties enables partners to decide what their specific facility needs are; whether it is leasing a facility from us, or expanding or renovating an existing facility, we can design a solution to meet those unique needs.

With more than 17.5 million square feet under management across the country, CoreCivic Properties also has the most diverse and comprehensive maintenance program for criminal justice facilities in the nation. We employ more than 300 maintenance staff who are responsible for regular corrective maintenance, helping our facilities operate safely and smoothly. With our lease option, we assume all facility maintenance - providing maximum flexibility for government partners.

New Real Estate Project

We have decades of experience in managing correctional real estate projects from the ground up, saving time and resources.

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CoreCivic Safety

For more than three decades, CoreCivic has provided quality correctional facilities for government partners across the U.S.

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