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CoreCivic Statement Regarding Senator Elizabeth Warren's Proposal

Our company helps keep communities safe, enrolls thousands of inmates in reentry programs that prepare them for life after prison and saves taxpayers millions. It’s unfortunate that politicians advocate against these benefits without themselves providing any solutions to the serious challenges our corrections and detention systems face. Overcrowding, high recidivism rates and skyrocketing costs aren’t solved with politics or posturing. They’re solved with the hard work that chaplains, teachers, principals, counselors and correctional officers like ours put in every day. 

Here are important facts:

- Private prisons house only 9 percent of inmates nationwide.

- Under longstanding policy, CoreCivic does not lobby on any policies, regulations or legislation that impact the basis for – or duration of – an individual’s incarceration or detention. We have launched a nationwide initiative to advocate for a range of government policies, including “Ban the Box” legislation, that will help former inmates successfully reenter society and stay out of prison. Read more about the initiative here.

- CoreCivic is subject to robust oversight and accountability measures by our partners. Most of them have full-time, onsite monitors in our facilities to ensure accountability and ease of communication, and all require regular review and audit processes.

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