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Topic Archive: Reducing Recidivism

Top 10 Barriers to Reentry and How CoreCivic is Helping

9/15/22 8:20 AM
CoreCivic offers a variety of programs to help those in our care prepare for reentry. As part of this preparation, our reentry professionals work with each individual to address his or her unique barriers to reentry and help facilitate a successful ...
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Celebrating Second Chances with Maverick City Music

9/8/22 8:00 AM
CoreCivic has recently teamed up with the Maverick City Music Initiative through a partnership that aims to celebrate second chances. This collaboration with the Maverick City Music Initiative will open new opportunities for returning citizens to ...
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CoreCivic Celebrates Graduates at Trousdale Turner Correctional Center

9/2/22 8:00 AM
The reentry programming offered at CoreCivic facilities can change the lives of those in our care. From high school equivalency (HSE) diplomas to industry-recognized certificates (IRC) or post-secondary education, graduating from these programs are ...
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Residents at CoreCivic Learn Value of Fatherhood from Parenting Program

8/11/22 9:30 AM
Children who have at least one incarcerated parent are at an increased risk of psychological problems, antisocial behavior, and potentially going to prison themselves. On top of that, 92 percent of incarcerated parents are men. For these reasons and ...
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CoreCivic Residents Reap Benefits of Horticulture Program at Red Rock

7/28/22 8:00 AM
A horticulture program at Red Rock Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, has CoreCivic residents working together while learning a new trade. The 26-week program provides students the chance to learn skills in a growing industry and walk away with ...
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College Degree Programs Open Doors for CoreCivic Residents

7/21/22 8:00 AM
Graduation is an important milestone for many. This is especially true for justice-involved individuals, as they typically have a more difficult path to starting a career after release.
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Recent Graduates Make the Most of Their Time in Arizona

7/7/22 8:00 AM
Recently, CoreCivic's Red Rock Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, held a graduation ceremony to celebrate 21 residents who earned their high school equivalency (HSE) diploma. Education is a pivotal part of our reentry programming at CoreCivic. In ...
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Normalizing Reentry: How CoreCivic Community is Easing the Transition Home

6/30/22 8:00 AM
During the past several years, there has been a shift among policymakers and reform advocates to view incarceration as an opportunity for change. With this shift in thinking comes a redefinition of what a correctional setting should look and feel ...
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Becoming a Man of Integrity: Speaker Shares Father's Day Message with CoreCivic Residents

6/20/22 11:00 AM
When a justice-involved individual enters our care, it is often because they made one or several mistakes. However, those mistakes do not define them, and it is up to them to decide how the rest of their journey will unfold as citizens, employees, ...
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Making a Difference: A Day in the Life of a CoreCivic Case Manager

6/16/22 8:00 AM
Helping others realize their potential is truly rewarding, and it’s something CoreCivic employees get to experience on a daily basis. Every person working in a CoreCivic facility has a hand in helping those in our care become the best possible ...
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Go Further Release: Supporting Residents Leaving Our Care

6/2/22 8:00 AM
Justice-involved individuals often need support once they’re released to find basic needs such as housing and employment. They also need someone who will listen and help them through the emotional and mental challenges they may experience upon ...
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By the Numbers: Breaking Down CoreCivic’s Reentry Programming

5/26/22 8:00 AM
CoreCivic is committed to providing those in our care with the tools they need to succeed once they’re released. That’s why we invest heavily in evidence-based programming designed to give CoreCivic residents a second chance once they ultimately ...
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Storybook Dads: Unique Reading Program Helps Residents Reconnect with Their Children

5/23/22 10:00 AM
Connection to family is vital for justice-involved individuals as they work toward reentering their communities. That's why CoreCivic is offering a new program called Storybook Dads, which helps fathers reconnect with their children. The program is ...
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CoreCivic's South Central Facility Commemorates 30 Years

5/12/22 8:00 AM
For the past three decades, team members at South Central Correctional Center have been working toward a shared mission: helping people and keeping communities safe. Located in Clifton, Tennessee, Warden Grady Perry has had eyes on the facility from ...
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Reentry Report: The Impacts of Postsecondary Education on Reentry

4/28/22 11:00 AM
For those who put in the time and dedication, education can provide a path for upward mobility in their careers and their income. Whether working toward a high school diploma, a degree from a two or four year college or a vocational certification, ...
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