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Topic Archive: Reducing Recidivism

How Wellness Programs are Helping Promote Mindfulness for Justice-Involved Individuals in California

7/12/24 9:57 AM
Understanding and confronting mental health struggles can be complex and challenging, but innovative programs at CoreCivic's Boston Avenue reentry facility in San Diego, California, are helping residents break through these barriers. Boston Avenue ...
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Normalization Efforts Bring Resident Kitchen Renovation in Colorado

7/5/24 8:00 AM
It's the little things in life that can make the biggest difference and brighten someone's day. Whether it's enjoying a hot cup of coffee, receiving a random act of kindness from a stranger, or enduring a commute that surprised you with ...
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CoreCivic Partners with Our Journey to Supply Reentry Resource Guidebooks

6/26/24 10:21 AM
Walking through a season of incarceration is challenging. But what can be more challenging for a justice-involved individual is navigating a new life at release, especially if one has served a lengthy sentence and must face the world as it is today, ...
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Compassionate and Dignified Health Care at CoreCivic

6/20/24 8:21 AM
Having joined CoreCivic in 2023, Dr. Kristen Dauss, vice president and Chief Medical Officer, leads CoreCivic's strategic management approach to medical and mental health services for those in our care. Through a Q and A column, Dr. Dauss discusses ...
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Hustle 2.0 Maximizes Potential and Rehabilitation for Incarcerated Individuals

6/7/24 7:28 AM
An innovative rehabilitation and reentry program called Hustle 2.0 is offering incarcerated individuals at several CoreCivic facilities nationwide the tools and resources to change their mindset and map out a positive future for themselves. Hustle ...
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CoreCivic Celebrates 26 Graduates of Substance Use Recovery, Behavioral Health Program in Tennessee

5/30/24 7:23 AM
On May 10, 2024, 26 residents at CoreCivic's Trousdale Turner Correctional Center in Hartsville, Tennessee, graduated from the first-of-its-kind 12-month substance use recovery and behavioral health program in a therapeutic community setting.
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Healing Past Wounds: Reboot Program Helps Incarcerated U.S. Veterans Recover from Military Trauma

5/24/24 8:19 AM
Trauma is unique. Combat-related trauma, which may result from one's exposure to dangerous or disturbing events in a warzone, manifests itself differently depending on the soldier's experience. Combat-related trauma can take a toll on someone's ...
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Ocean View Job Readiness Program Prepares Returning Citizens for Success

5/16/24 9:10 AM
The Job Readiness program at Ocean View stands as a unique initiative, representing CoreCivic’s unwavering commitment to the successful reentry of those in our care. Located in San Diego, California, Ocean View is a residential reentry facility that ...
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How Corrections Professionals Help People on the Road to Rehabilitation

5/9/24 9:32 AM
National Correctional Officers and Employees Week (NCOEW)–celebrated this year May 5-11–is a time to recognize all the dedicated corrections professionals who devote their lives to public safety and helping justice-involved people rehabilitate. ...
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CoreCivic Welcomes New Faith-Based Program: Finding the Good Life

5/3/24 7:44 AM
What does it mean to have a good life? Although the answer varies from person to person, a new faith-based program is helping residents at CoreCivic facilities find the answer to that question so they can begin to change for the better.
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Chaplain Perspective: Serving with Honesty and Compassion at Torrance County Detention Facility

4/25/24 8:19 AM
By Gary Barricklow, Chaplain, Torrance County Detention Facility
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Pell Grant Restoration Initiative Expands College Access to Incarcerated Individuals

4/18/24 10:26 AM
The Pell Grant Restoration initiative (also referred to as Pell Grant for All) has paved the way for a significant expansion in prison education programs (PEPs) across the United States. For the first time in three decades, citizens impacted by the ...
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Facility Focus: Citrus County Detention Facility is Committed to Service and Safety

4/12/24 7:42 AM
For nearly 30 years, Citrus County Detention Facility in Lecanto, Florida, has been providing detention services for Citrus County (Florida). Yet over the years, the facility has served additional government partners, including the U.S. Marshals ...
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2023 College Success at CoreCivic

4/4/24 8:24 AM
April is Second Chance Month! While "second chances" can come through many forms for justice-involved individuals, one critical component to rebuilding a brighter future following incarceration is earning an education ahead of release—whether it's a ...
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Horticulture Program Sows Seeds of Success

3/28/24 8:59 AM
Gardening and spending time in green spaces has long been known to lift a person's mood, but more research is now revealing the true impact plants have on a person's mental and physical health. This is just one of many reasons horticulture programs ...
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