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Topic Archive: Reducing Recidivism

Top 10 Barriers to Reentry: How CoreCivic is Helping People Prepare for a Brighter Future

12/1/23 11:36 AM
CoreCivic offers a variety of programs to help those in our care prepare for reentry. As part of this preparation, our reentry professionals work with each individual to address his or her unique barriers to reentry and help facilitate a successful ...
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Rebound Employment Provides CoreCivic Residents Job Training for the Digital Age

11/2/23 1:02 PM
CoreCivic is working to help prepare incarcerated individuals for successful reentry by providing innovative workforce tools and training through a partnership with Rebound Training and Employment Services. Rebound trainers teach the skills ...
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12 Service Dogs Graduate Resident Training Program in Colorado

10/27/23 9:45 AM
Joseph Morón was searching for a meaningful purpose while serving time at CoreCivic’s Crowley County Correctional Facility in Olney Springs, Colorado. He found it the day he met his new trainee, Raina, a Labrador and Golden Retriever mix puppy. ...
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Career Construction Program Helps CoreCivic Residents Build Brighter Future

10/19/23 8:25 AM
It's no secret finding a job after serving time in prison can be challenging. Formerly incarcerated individuals face significantly more barriers to employment than do job seekers without a criminal background. With this reality, CoreCivic facilities ...
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Clergy Appreciation Month: How a CoreCivic Chaplain is Helping Change Lives

10/6/23 10:55 AM
October is Clergy and Pastor Appreciation Month, and there is no better time to spotlight the valuable role that chaplains play at CoreCivic. This month, CoreCivic is highlighting Christopher Swinson, who serves as a chaplain at CoreCivic's Coffee ...
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How Trauma-Informed Care Supports Healthy Rehabilitation

9/29/23 8:11 AM
Our perception shapes our reality, but when trauma has affected us, it alters how we perceive events to protect ourselves. Trauma changes how we see the world, our place in it, and our sense of safety. This transformation can be summed up by the ...
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Prison to Promise: Podcast Helps Justice-Involved Individuals Along Reentry Journey

9/8/23 8:12 AM
Thanks to CoreCivic's new Resident Network (ResNet) program, residents at 20 CoreCivic facilities can access a podcast series called "Prison to Promise" on computers or tablets. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Craig Waleed, who once served more than ...
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Fatherhood Programs at CoreCivic Support Family Reunification

6/15/23 10:52 AM
An overwhelming majority of incarcerated individuals are parental figures to minor children. Among these individuals who are parents, an average of 91.6 percent of them are fathers.
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Lake City Correctional Facility is Mission and Community Focused

6/8/23 12:00 PM
CoreCivic's Lake City Correctional Facility in Lake City, Florida, is one-of-a-kind. It’s where 225 employees, including back-to-back companywide Employees of the Year (Sonical Mitchell in 2021 and Aaronia Harps in 2022), believe in the potential of ...
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Pell Grant Eligible Applied Science Program Supports Second Chances

6/2/23 8:00 AM
Have you heard about the new applied science program being offered to residents at CoreCivic's Crossroads Correctional Center in Shelby, Montana? If not, then you’ll want to learn more about this important program and how it’s reducing recidivism.
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Dedicated Housing Unit Helps Incarcerated Veterans

5/25/23 8:00 AM
It may come as a surprise to learn the rate at which United States veterans interact with the criminal justice system. Studies cite a couple of reasons for this, one of which is due to some veterans' inability to transition from service successfully ...
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How Team CoreCivic Makes 40 Years of Service Possible

5/18/23 8:00 AM
CoreCivic is made up of thousands of reentry professionals that show up daily to make a positive difference in the lives of the individuals entrusted to our care. As CoreCivic celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, we commemorate Team ...
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Job Skills Training in Arizona Helps Returning Citizens

5/5/23 8:00 AM
At CoreCivic's La Palma Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, education staff work diligently each day to equip resident students with the tools they will need to succeed upon release. For example, residents at La Palma have the opportunity to earn ...
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Second Chances are Possible through Rehabilitation

4/21/23 8:00 AM
In recent decades, corrections has shifted its focus to place an increased emphasis on rehabilitation and reentry. With this renewed focus, recidivism rates have seen a decrease of approximately 43 percent among formerly incarcerated individuals who ...
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College Programming Opens Doors to Success for Returning Citizens

4/14/23 8:00 AM
You may be surprised to know that incarcerated individuals are able to earn a college degree while serving their time. CoreCivic partners with many colleges and universities nationwide to help incarcerated people earn diplomas so they are ...
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