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Oklahoma Reentry Opportunity Center

Customer base: Federal Bureau of Prisons - Facility Type: Community Corrections Center
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400 S. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73108

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Todd Anderson, Facility Director

Facility Leader: Todd Anderson, Facility Director

Todd Anderson was named facility director at Oklahoma Reentry Opportunity Center in November 2022. Anderson also serves as facility director at Turley Residential Center. He previously served as superintendent for the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs, where he has held multiple roles throughout his career, including juvenile justice specialist, administrator of Programs, institutional deputy superintendent, and program manager. He served five years as an administrator at Avalon's Carver Transitional Center before CoreCivic acquired the company in 2015. Anderson holds a bachelor's degree in sociology from Cameron University.

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Facility PREA Information

The following information is provided in accordance with PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003). Learn more

Compliance Manager: Monica Bennett, Assistant Facility Director


Third Party Reporting Method(s):

Call the Federal Bureau of Prisons Residential Reentry Manager- 972-730-8830

For Resident abuse of other Residents write to:
Federal Bureau of Prisons
National PREA Coordinator
Reentry Services Division
400 First St. NW, Room 4027
Washington, DC 20534

For Staff abuse of Residents write to:
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Office of Internal Affairs
320 First St. NW, Room 600
Washington, DC 20534

Call the CoreCivic Ethics and Compliance Hotline: 1-800-461-9330, or


Mail a letter to the facility:
Oklahoma Reentry Opportunity Center
ATTN: PREA Compliance Manager
400 South May Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73108


Facility PREA Policy: Download

PREA Audit Date: March 26-27, 2024

PREA Audit Report: Download

PREA Audit Date: March 1-2, 2021

PREA Audit Report: Download

PREA  Audit Date: April 9-10, 2018

PREA Audit Report: Download

PREA Audit Date or Scheduled Audit Date: October 12, 2015

PREA Audit Report: Download


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