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Statement From CoreCivic President and CEO Damon Hininger on the Restoration of Pell Grant Eligibility for Currently Incarcerated Students

CoreCivic | 12/21/20 12:00 AM
At CoreCivic, we believe that education is one of the greatest opportunities for the advancement of all people, and we’ve made it a priority for our organization through unprecedented commitments to strengthening the reentry programming at our facilities. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to see incarcerated students’ right to apply for Pell Grants restored. This is a policy we’ve actively supported and advocated for, and we’re grateful to the legislators who helped make it a reality.

Studies have consistently shown that education reduces recidivism, and we know from our own experience helping inmates attend college and earn GEDs and vocational certificates what a difference it can make. The pursuit of higher education not only helps those in our care gain the skills they need to successfully reenter society; it also has profound psychological and motivational effects that impact their outlook on life. With our partner universities and colleges, we currently offer courses through federal Second Chance Pell Grants, and we’re excited for the expansion in educational opportunities for inmates this legislation will provide.

CoreCivic’s support for the restoration of Pell Grants is part of a multi-year initiative we’ve undertaken to advocate at the federal and state levels for policies that help people succeed in their communities after being released from prison. Other policies we actively support include the restoration of voting rights for the formerly incarcerated, licensure reform to help the formerly incarcerated find and keep jobs, Ban the Box proposals, and protections for employers who hire formerly incarcerated people.

Nothing motivates our professionals more than helping those in our care succeed with the next step in their lives. We believe the restoration of Pell Grants for incarcerated students will help us open even more doors to educational opportunities that will make a big difference for those in our care.
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