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Topic Archive: Media Statement

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Media Statement: CoreCivic Statement on Torrance County Detention Facility

10/27/22 12:00 AM
At the Torrance County Detention Facility (TCDF), our team works to provide immigration detainees a variety of services from comprehensive health care to faith-based support and access to legal resources while they prepare for the next steps in ...
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Media Statement: Updated COVID-19 Statement

4/21/22 12:00 AM
CoreCivic continues to work hard to protect our employees, those entrusted to our care, and our communities as we have since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Media Statement: CoreCivic Statement on Barclays PLC

4/19/21 12:00 AM
The state of Alabama is facing a humanitarian crisis, and we’re proceeding with efforts to help deliver desperately needed, modern corrections infrastructure to replace dilapidated, aging facilities that originally were designed with one purpose in ...
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Media Statement: CoreCivic Statement on President Biden's Executive Order Regarding Private Contractors

1/26/21 12:00 AM
The federal government has experienced a steady decline in inmate populations over the past several years, so today’s announcement was no surprise considering the agency’s diminished need for capacity. It’s a trend we’ve watched carefully, and we’ve ...
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Media Statement: Statement From CoreCivic President and CEO Damon Hininger on the Restoration of Pell Grant Eligibility for Currently Incarcerated Students

12/21/20 12:00 AM
At CoreCivic, we believe that education is one of the greatest opportunities for the advancement of all people, and we’ve made it a priority for our organization through unprecedented commitments to strengthening the reentry programming at our ...
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Media Statement: Statement on Cimarron Correctional Facility Closure/OKDOC Consolidation

7/16/20 12:00 AM
In order to help the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) meet their budget needs, we will be closing the Cimarron Correctional Facility in Cushing, OK.
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Media Statement: CoreCivic Response to Councilmembers Benedict and O'Connell's Proposed Legislation regarding Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility

7/2/20 12:00 AM
Once again, it appears that some members of the Metro Nashville council are pushing an agenda that’s free of facts and ideologically driven. This proposed action would not only result in millions of dollars in increased liabilities to the Metro ...
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Media Statement: CoreCivic Statement Regarding Jane Doe Complaint Filed in Southern District of Texas

6/1/20 12:00 AM
We are committed to the safety and dignity of every individual entrusted to our care. In this case, attorneys for the plaintiff allege that three men, dressed in “jeans and plainclothes, with their faces covered,” sexually assaulted her and two ...
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Media Statement: CoreCivic Statement on Detainee Death at Otay Mesa Detention Center

5/7/20 12:00 AM
We are deeply saddened to report that a detainee who had been hospitalized from our Otay Mesa Detention Center has passed away Wednesday morning. The individual had been transported to a nearby hospital on April 24 due to symptoms of COVID-19.
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Media Statement: CoreCivic Statement on Otay Mesa Detention Center's COVID-19 Response

4/16/20 12:00 AM
At Otay Mesa Detention Center, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of those in our care, our employees and our community.
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