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Mission: Safety and Service

CoreCivic | 7/22/21 8:00 AM

The field of corrections is comprised of many moving parts. One of these components in corrections, which may not immediately come to mind, is that of transportation. Access to safe, reliable and efficient transportation is a crucial part of the infrastructure of CoreCivic and is vital for the safety of those in our care.

At CoreCivic, transportation services are offered primarily through TransCor, a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Nashville, Tennessee. TransCor has approximately 145 drivers and 126 vehicles stationed at 12 CoreCivic facilities nationally to provide a much needed service to our government partners.

Curtiss Sullivan, president and general manager of TransCor, says the company became CoreCivic’s main transportation service in 2009, although CoreCivic acquired TransCor in 1994.

Transportation needs vary from facility to facility, but services can be provided by ground or air, and encompass the following:

  • Facility ramp-up or ramp-down transports
  • Group transfers
  • Facility-to-facility transfers (in state and out of state)
  • Rides to and from court proceedings
  • Medivac services or limited hospital transports
  • Evacuations during hurricanes and other weather-related emergencies

As one might imagine, a typical transport doesn’t just consist of a driver and vehicle. Depending on the number of passengers, vehicle transports can include two to five officers. Aircraft transports can include 10 to 15+ officers, along with a response team and a nurse. Vehicles are also equipped with Wi-Fi and cameras to help staff monitor passengers throughout the trip.  

“Throughout each transport, the highest level of safety and security is maintained,” Sullivan said, adding that the company continued operating safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

TransCor drivers receive more training than their average commercial counterparts. In addition to background checks and drug tests, they must also complete 100 hours of pre-service training, which includes security trainings, CPR, map reading, and defensive driving.

“Our goal at Team TransCor is to be an innovative and cost-saving solution to government agencies seeking safe and secure transportation services by well-trained professionals,” Sullivan said.

For CoreCivic, TransCor is a valued team member helping to deliver on our mission to better the public good.

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