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Technology Career Program PivotTech Launches at Jenkins Correctional Center

CoreCivic | 12/8/22 9:00 AM

CoreCivic and Nashville-based PivotTech have recently partnered to implement a new technology career program, which teaches student-inmates coding and data analytics skills through a five-month-long course.

"I think [this program can] take me and my family somewhere that we thought we'd never be," said Marcus, a student-inmate enrolled in the PivotTech program at Jenkins.

Students who complete the program will earn a certificate that will help them stand out in the technology industry, increasing their chances of securing gainful employment at release. PivotTech also provides job training to those who complete the program to help prepare them for employment interviewing at release.

WATCH the full video below to learn more about this innovative program at Jenkins.


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Topics: Reducing Recidivism, News