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Building Success with CoreCivic Properties

CoreCivic | 6/9/22 8:00 AM

CoreCivic is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate treatment to everyone in our care, and part of that mission involves ensuring that our facilities are properly maintained, safe, and secure for those who live and work there.

That’s where CoreCivic Properties comes into the picture.

“CoreCivic has always focused on providing flexible, tailored options to meet our partners’ changing needs,” said Lucibeth Mayberry, executive vice president of Real Estate at CoreCivic. “Around 10 years ago, we realized that our building and maintenance expertise presented an opportunity to provide another valuable service to our partners. We could offer innovative and flexible real estate solutions to help partners upgrade or build new facilities, or to let them outsource their facility maintenance through a leasing option.”

Scott Whitson, managing director of Facilities Management at CoreCivic, continued, “The CoreCivic facilities team has such a deep level of expertise and experience, and with CoreCivic Properties, we leverage that for our government partners to ensure they’re building and maintaining facilities that are safe and secure.”

Currently, CoreCivic has several lease-only arrangements with government partners in California, Kansas, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, where our partners operate the facilities while CoreCivic has a maintenance team on-site for facilities management.

“Deferring maintenance leads to failing equipment and ultimately higher costs,” said Whitson. “So, we maintain the facility to the highest standards based on a strict schedule, and when the lease is up, the state gets an optimally maintained, safe, and secure facility.”

California City Correctional Center is a great example of how the company’s leasing-only option began. When an opportunity arose to maximize utilization of the facility to serve an emerging need from the state of California, the CoreCivic Partnership Development team approached the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to gauge its interest. The team also worked very closely with the Office of the Federal Detention Trustee to relocate its existing detainee populations from the California City facility to other facilities where CoreCivic could continue to serve their needs.

“We knew the state needed modern and efficient capacity of the kind we offer at California City, and the concept of leasing the asset to the state for operations came to fruition,” Mayberry said. “Since then, we have enjoyed a strong partnership with the state and are proud of the maintenance and leased facilities team that provides high-quality maintenance and lease management services to our state partner.”

CoreCivic Properties also oversees new construction with the ability to plan, design, and construct a new or expanded correctional facility in just 12 to 18 months, compared to the four- to five-year timeframe generally seen when managed by a government partner. Plus, CoreCivic saves its partners approximately 25 percent on new construction costs while allowing them to upgrade their facilities without needing to budget for or spend millions of taxpayer dollars at once.

CoreCivic Properties
Lansing Correctional Facility in Kansas is a perfect example of how CoreCivic Properties provides value to government partners and helps improve the living and working conditions within facilities.

“In Kansas, we were able to replace a facility that was more than 100 years old with a modern facility that is safer and offers better conditions for everyone (the old facility lacked air conditioning) while also providing the State of Kansas with financial flexibility,” Whitson said.

Going forward, CoreCivic Properties will continue to innovate correctional construction and design.

“By remaining on the leading edge of designing, financing, constructing, and maintaining corrections and detentions buildings, we’ll be well-positioned to partner with the government on lease arrangements and new construction,” said Mayberry.

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