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Motivational Speaker Keidrain Brewster Inspires Residents in Tennessee to Embrace Positive Change

CoreCivic | 3/14/24 8:45 AM

Keidrain Brewster, a formerly incarcerated individual who serves today as a motivational speaker, recently shared his powerful journey of transformation with residents at CoreCivic's Whiteville Correctional Facility in Whiteville, Tennessee. 

More than 300 residents at Whiteville, who are approaching release, gathered to hear Brewster outline how he applied the lessons learned during his incarceration to forge a new path upon release.

“I don’t tell you these stories as a victim, but as someone who understands the significance of change,” said Brewster.

Having served 13 years in prison before his 2014 release, Brewster has since achieved remarkable success as a bestselling author and entrepreneur.

His acclaimed book, "From the Streets to the Suites," offers a raw and enlightening account of his time incarcerated, the importance of learning new skills, and the action needed to turn those skills into a successful business venture.

During the speaking event at Whiteville, Brewster shared that it took determination to provide an honest life for himself and his family. The message resonated deeply with the residents in attendance.


Jacob Knox, a resident at Whiteville, views Brewster's story as a powerful example of breaking free from the cycle of recidivism and transforming one's life for the better.

“What he talked about is everything I’m going through right now," said Knox. “It is possible to do this prison time, get out and change your life around for the better. We can change, just like Keidrain.”

Today, Brewster’s company, Brewster Logistics, is committed to serving the community and providing opportunities for returning citizens.

Brewster passionately advocates for educational and job training within correctional facilities, empowering individuals to pursue new career paths and successfully reintegrate into society.

Chance Leeds, warden at Whiteville, expressed gratitude for Brewster's visit, acknowledging the impact of his message on both residents and staff.

"His emphasis on change and responsibility resonated deeply with everyone present, inspiring them to take control of their futures," said Leeds.

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