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Residents at CoreCivic Learn Value of Fatherhood from Parenting Program

CoreCivic | 8/11/22 9:30 AM

Children who have at least one incarcerated parent are at an increased risk of psychological problems, antisocial behavior, and potentially going to prison themselves. On top of that, 92 percent of incarcerated parents are men. For these reasons and more, CoreCivic offers programs for justice-involved fathers to help them reconnect with their children and learn to become better fathers. The Inside Out Dad program at Saguaro Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, is one such program.

"The children of these inmate-fathers will benefit greatly from having their fathers in their lives,” said Gerald Cox, instructor of the Inside Out Dad program at Saguaro. “You can learn to be a good parent and make better parenting decisions for better outcomes for your children, as good dads want to do."

Inside Out Dad is a nationally recognized, evidence-based program that helps justice-involved fathers better relate to their children while preparing them to reenter society. The six-week course includes a role-playing element, which sees residents acting out scenarios with each other to simulate a father-child relationship. These exercises help participants understand the critical role healthy reactive communication plays in relational development and teaches them the right ways to interact with their children.

"The Inside Out Dad program from the National Fatherhood Institute is an excellent program to help fathers and their children build better lives together," said Cox. "I believe this program directly helps with breaking the cycle of incarceration of fathers."

Watch the video below to learn more about Inside Out Dad.


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