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Inmate Students Earn College Degrees from Ashland University

CoreCivic | 11/25/19 8:00 AM


CoreCivic recently celebrated a new partnership with Ashland University at three Georgia facilities: Coffee Correctional Facility in Nicholls, Jenkins Correctional Center in Millen, and Wheeler Correctional Facility in Alamo. Now eligible inmates at these facilities can earn a college degree remotely via tablets.

Participating students receive all funding for their education through a federal Second Chance Pell Grant. Across the three Georgia facilities, 81 inmate students have enrolled in over 700 credit hours of courses.

Joshua, an inmate at Jenkins, is one of those students.

"I wanted to see myself as a graduate," he said. "Rehabilitation is not about somebody telling you what to do. But when you see you can achieve an associate's degree, achieve a bachelor's degree, now I have something I can hope for. I can one day own my own business. I can get those jobs that I couldn't get before incarceration."

To learn more, WATCH HERE:


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