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A Valued But Limited Role In America's Immigration System

Americans have strong opinions about immigration. It's one of today's most personal and emotional issues. It's also incredibly complex. Facts are hard to come by. And special interests make it hard to separate political rhetoric from the serious reality around this national challenge. At CoreCivic, we want the American people to understand our role in the immigration system. We hope that having the facts will help you make up your own mind about our company, regardless of where you stand on the immigration issue.

Detention-Chaplain1. For 40 years, we've worked with Democrats and Republicans to make sure those in our care receive humane, dignified and respectful treatment while they go through the legal process.

2. We do not enforce immigration laws or arrest anyone who may be in violation of immigration laws.

3. We do not know the circumstances of people when they are placed in a facility or have any say whatsoever in their deportation or release.

4. We have a long-standing policy not to advocate for or against legislation that serves as the basis for, or determines the duration of, a person’s detention.

5. We have not, do not and will not operate facilities for the purpose of housing unaccompanied migrant children.

6. We do not contract with U.S. Customs and Border Protection or manage any of the agency's temporary holding facilities.

7. In 2014, we worked with the Obama Administration to build the South Texas Family Residential Center to care specifically for migrant mothers and their children together. In 2021, that facility was re-missioned to care for adults only.

Detention-Officer8. All work programs at our immigration facilities are completely voluntary and operated in full compliance with ICE standards, including federally established minimum wage rates for detainee volunteer labor. We don’t deny services or necessities to individuals who choose not to participate in voluntary work programs. We set and deliver the same high standard of care – including three daily meals, access to health care and other everyday living needs – regardless of whether a detainee participates in a voluntary work program.

9. When migration patterns change or elected leaders change their policies, we help make sure that taxpayers aren’t left holding the bag. The government would have to spend billions to build its own detention facilities and employ thousands of new federal workers.

10. Ending the use of private contractors like us would lead to more and worse humanitarian crises. The government alone does not have the expertise or capability to quickly and flexibly manage migrant surges like the current border crisis.

CoreCivic plays a valued but limited role in America’s immigration system. Our nearly 11,000 employees, who see their jobs as a public service, are proud to provide the humane, dignified and respectful treatment that people coming into our country deserve. We hope to create greater understanding about both our company and the immigration system. That’s the first step to achieving what we all hope for in the end: to solve America’s longstanding immigration challenges.

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Take a virtual reality tour of CoreCivic's South Texas Family Residential Center, purpose-built in partnership with the Obama Administration to care for migrant mothers and their children together.

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CoreCivic Immigration Detention Myth Vs. Fact

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