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An Update on CoreCivic's Response to COVID-19 from President and CEO Damon Hininger

CoreCivic | 3/23/20 8:46 AM


The novel coronavirus known as COVID-19 is a pandemic that has swept across the globe, and has now reached the United States. At this point, no one quite knows the level of harm this virus will cause from both a health and economic standpoint. Make no mistake - no one is taking this issue more seriously than we are at CoreCivic.

This past week we offered, at no financial benefit to CoreCivic, our Prairie facility in Appleton, Minnesota, for use as a makeshift medical center treating patients of COVID-19 in that state. We are proud to be able to provide a just-in-time solution at this critical time and are currently working with other states where we can offer similar assistance. Click here to read the media release about this effort.

While this situation is challenging for everyone, I especially want friends and family members of those entrusted to our care to know that we're doing everything possible to make sure your loved ones remain safe and healthy. We are working around-the-clock to prepare and mitigate the potential risks of infection.

We're communicating prevention measures to staff as well as inmates, detainees, and residents of our community corrections facilities, such as encouraging good personal hygiene and providing ample supplies of hand soap. We've also added to our personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies, and developed plans to keep those at a higher risk of infection protected. Our medical staff is well-trained on the signs and symptoms of this virus, and are conducting screenings as needed. We've also ordered a number of COVID-19 test kits.

Finally, after working with our local, state and federal government partners, we've followed their guidance to temporarily suspend visitation. This was an especially difficult decision, as I believe very strongly that visitation is a crucial component for rehabilitation. However, phone calls are still permitted and we are hopeful that this will help keep the virus at bay for those in our care.

We've added a dedicated section to our website where we will update visitation changes, how to stay connected with a loved one in our care, and general information about COVID-19. For more information about how CoreCivic is managing COVID-19, click HERE.

I also want to thank every CoreCivic employee for their tireless work and dedication during this difficult time. You demonstrate what it means to better the public good every day. As an organization, a community, and a nation we will get through this together.

Damon Hininger
President and CEO, CoreCivic

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