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Quality of Care and Flexible Solutions Make CoreCivic a Valuable Partner

8/6/21 9:35 AM
Across the United States, less than nine percent of all incarcerated individuals are in the care of private providers. While CoreCivic plays a small role in the criminal justice system, it is a vital one - providing high-quality facilities and ...
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Employment Success at Cheyenne

7/29/21 8:00 AM
Employment is one of the top barriers to reentry. Without gainful employment upon reentry, returning citizens can be at a higher risk of returning to bad habits and recidivating as a result. That's why staff at CoreCivic's Cheyenne Transitional ...
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Mission: Safety and Service

7/22/21 8:00 AM
The field of corrections is comprised of many moving parts. One of these components in corrections, which may not immediately come to mind, is that of transportation. Access to safe, reliable and efficient transportation is a crucial part of the ...
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Giving Back: Backpack Program Helps Communities While Teaching Valuable Skills

7/15/21 11:51 AM
CoreCivic is always looking for ways to give back to the communities we serve. Thanks to a backpack fulfillment program at the Bent County Correctional Facility in Las Animas, Colorado, we're able to do just that while also teaching program ...
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CoreCivic HVAC Program Gave Steven a Second Chance

7/8/21 8:00 AM
After leaving prison, formerly incarcerated individuals often have trouble finding work due to the stigma of incarceration, lack of experience, or both. Employment, or more specifically the inability to find it, can be a significant barrier to ...
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Veterans at CoreCivic: Transferable Skills Translate to Success

7/1/21 8:00 AM
When transitioning to civilian life, some veterans, like Senior Monitor Makenna Fortenberry at CoreCivic's Cheyenne Transitional Center in Wyoming, look for jobs where the skills they acquired in the military can translate into their new careers. ...
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Innovative Solutions: How CoreCivic Properties is Making an Impact

6/24/21 11:38 AM
At CoreCivic, we recognize that our ability to help balance our government partners’ needs ultimately impacts the lives of people. While our partners rely on us to help solve current, specific challenges, they are also seeking a reliable partner ...
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Breaking the Cycle: The Role of Fatherhood in Successful Reentry

6/17/21 8:00 AM
Fathers play a critical role in the lives and development of their children. In fact, children who have a positive father figure in their lives are less likely to be involved in criminal behavior and are more likely to succeed in school and ...
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Creating Long-Lasting Change: Evidence-Based Practices at CoreCivic

6/10/21 8:00 AM
At CoreCivic, we offer integrated reentry services that follow Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) used by the National Institute of Corrections. These principles guide our work to incorporate reentry-supporting activities that support lasting, ...
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Meet James Stogner: CoreCivic's New Director of Chaplaincy

6/3/21 8:00 AM
Faith provides a sense of purpose for many incarcerated individuals, and there is evidence to suggest that incarcerated people who participate in faith-based programs are less likely to return to prison. As CoreCivic's new director of Chaplaincy, ...
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CoreCivic's Zero Tolerance Policy: Q&A with Chief Development Officer Tony Grande

5/27/21 8:55 AM
At CoreCivic, we're committed to reducing recidivism and helping those in our care succeed after they're released. We are also committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior as outlined in our Code of Conduct. As part of this, ...
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Providing Care and Compassion at Webb County Detention Center

5/20/21 8:00 AM
In many ways, Webb County Detention Center in Laredo, Texas, is a way station for individuals who briefly pass through the facility as they await their due process in the United States. In the short time they have, the staff at Webb do everything ...
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CoreCivic Releases 2020 ESG Report Detailing COVID-19 Response

5/13/21 9:58 AM
On May 12, 2021, we released our 2020 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, which details our steadfast response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our continued commitment to successful reentry, our impact on the ...
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Celebrating National Correctional Officers and Employees Week

5/2/21 8:00 AM
Each year, the first full week in May is recognized as National Correctional Officers and Employees Week (NCOEW), a time when we honor the hard work and dedication of those who serve in this noble field across the country.
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Reentry Goals: Progress at CoreCivic since 2014

4/29/21 8:00 AM
At CoreCivic, we're committed to helping those in our care work through the underlying issues that brought them to prison and give them the tools they need to successfully reenter society upon release. We're proud of the progress we've made, but ...
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