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Employment Success at Cheyenne

CoreCivic | 7/29/21 8:00 AM

Employment is one of the top barriers to reentry. Without gainful employment upon reentry, returning citizens can be at a higher risk of returning to bad habits and recidivating as a result. That's why staff at CoreCivic's Cheyenne Transitional Center in Wyoming networks within the community to connect residents with the employment opportunities needed to make a fresh start.

Their hard work is paying off - nearly 100 percent of residents at Cheyenne are gainfully employed, with most securing a job within the first two weeks of their arrival at the facility.

"We find that residents are looking for a new beginning when they come to our facility. It gives them an opportunity to rebuild what they had lost prior to going into prison," said Jamie Goerner, facility director at Cheyenne. "It's rewarding for us to be able to see residents come into our care, get the services that they need, and for us to be able to provide them so they can successfully reintegrate into society."



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Topics: Reducing Recidivism