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Fresh Water System in Arizona Supports Sustainability

CoreCivic | 8/31/23 9:38 AM

Located in Eloy, Arizona, about 62 miles south of Phoenix, sits an oasis in the desert. Four CoreCivic facilities, Eloy Detention Center, La Palma Correctional Center, Red Rock Correctional Center and Saguaro Correctional Center, are located within a square mile from one another in this area. But what's especially unique about these four facilities is that they are supported by a very efficient water treatment system built and managed by CoreCivic.

Today, the water system supports all four of these facilities. Four underground wells, one for each facility, and two water treatment plants sit on the site.

At the system's helm is Jack Cook, water and wastewater supervisor for the facility complex. He is one part of the five-person team that brings clean, quality water to each facility. Under his watchful eye, the system treats between 750,000 to one million gallons of water every day.

"What we are doing provides us a great sense of achievement," Cook said. "At the end of the day, you have a sense of accomplishment because you know that you have maintained the highest standards and provided clean water to thousands of people who depend on you."

WATCH below to learn more about this innovative and sustainable water treatment system in Arizona. 

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