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Lake City Correctional Facility is Mission and Community Focused

6/8/23 12:00 PM
CoreCivic's Lake City Correctional Facility in Lake City, Florida, is one-of-a-kind. It’s where 225 employees, including back-to-back companywide Employees of the Year (Sonical Mitchell in 2021 and Aaronia Harps in 2022), believe in the potential of ...
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Pell Grant Eligible Applied Science Program Supports Second Chances

6/2/23 8:00 AM
Have you heard about the new applied science program being offered to residents at CoreCivic's Crossroads Correctional Center in Shelby, Montana? If not, then you’ll want to learn more about this important program and how it’s reducing recidivism.
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Dedicated Housing Unit Helps Incarcerated Veterans

5/25/23 8:00 AM
It may come as a surprise to learn the rate at which United States veterans interact with the criminal justice system. Studies cite a couple of reasons for this, one of which is due to some veterans' inability to transition from service successfully ...
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How Team CoreCivic Makes 40 Years of Service Possible

5/18/23 8:00 AM
CoreCivic is made up of thousands of reentry professionals that show up daily to make a positive difference in the lives of the individuals entrusted to our care. As CoreCivic celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, we commemorate Team ...
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Our Roles Matter: How Corrections Professionals Better the Public Good

5/9/23 2:56 PM
May 7-13, 2023, marks National Correctional Officers and Employees Week (NCOEW). This is a special time to raise awareness and appreciation for the work that corrections professionals do each day to uphold our communities' public safety and help ...
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Job Skills Training in Arizona Helps Returning Citizens

5/5/23 8:00 AM
At CoreCivic's La Palma Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, education staff work diligently each day to equip resident students with the tools they will need to succeed upon release. For example, residents at La Palma have the opportunity to earn ...
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Correctional Librarian at CoreCivic Receives National Award

4/27/23 8:00 AM
National Library Week is celebrated April 23-29 this year! In honor of this special celebration, CoreCivic is highlighting one of its librarians, Willetta Grady, who was recently selected as the 2023 Winner of the Exceptional Service Award by the ...
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Second Chances are Possible through Rehabilitation

4/21/23 8:00 AM
In recent decades, corrections has shifted its focus to place an increased emphasis on rehabilitation and reentry. With this renewed focus, recidivism rates have seen a decrease of approximately 43 percent among formerly incarcerated individuals who ...
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College Programming Opens Doors to Success for Returning Citizens

4/14/23 8:00 AM
You may be surprised to know that incarcerated individuals are able to earn a college degree while serving their time. CoreCivic partners with many colleges and universities nationwide to help incarcerated people earn diplomas so they are ...
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Helping People Prepare for Second Chance Employment with Cornbread Hustle

4/6/23 8:00 AM
Through a partnership between CoreCivic and Cornbread Hustle, a second chance staffing agency based in Dallas, Texas, residents at CoreCivic's Saguaro Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, are accessing a career preparation program via tablets. ...
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Shining a Light: Chaplains Serve with Hope and Heart

3/30/23 8:00 AM
Studies show that faith-based programming is crucial for those impacted by incarceration or detention, as it can provide a sacrosanct outlet for healing that is unlike any other program. CoreCivic has an extensive team of chaplains on staff for this ...
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Constructing Possibilities: How CoreCivic Delivers Fresh Options, Value to Government

3/23/23 8:00 AM
Right now, correctional systems across the country are facing a host of challenges that can impact their ability to focus on their public service duties. These challenges range from overcrowding to aging facilities, to skyrocketing building and ...
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Honoring Our History: A Conversation with CoreCivic's First Female Warden Sharon Johnson Rion

3/16/23 9:15 AM
CoreCivic has been a vanguard in the corrections industry, especially serving as the first private contractor to provide corrections and detention services to government starting in 1983. And CoreCivic continues to be a leader in forward thinking ...
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40 Years After Founding, Innovation Persists at CoreCivic

3/9/23 8:00 AM
When you hear the word innovation, you may think of technological advances like the internet, the smart phone, or GPS. For organizations like CoreCivic, innovations can be technical, but more often they make up unique, working solutions to the ...
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Celebrating Women's History Month

3/2/23 8:00 AM
By Leigh Walls, Managing Director, Purchasing; President, Women's BRG and Don Murray, Vice President, Quality Assurance; Women's BRG Ally
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