A New Mission in New Mexico

CoreCivic | 2/15/17 1:08 PM

In line with CoreCivic's ongoing commitment to successful inmate reentry, Northwest New Mexico Correctional Center is now reentry-intensive, specializing in programming for those nearing release.  

NNMCC will house up to 744 male inmates who will be released in two years or less, and provide intensive reentry programs designed to prepare inmates for life outside the prison walls.

The new mission and extensive program offerings reflect New Mexico’s increasing emphasis on inmate reentry.

“We are looking forward to meeting the state’s needs related to inmate reentry programs and preparation,” said Lane Blair, CoreCivic managing director of Operations (Division II), who helped oversee the facility transition. “This contract ties well with the company reentry goals outlined by our CEO.”

 Most of the inmates housed at NNMCC have only two years or less remaining on their sentences, and roughly half of them will have already earned a GED prior to being placed at NNMCC. While residing at NNMCC, inmates will have access to reentry programs that are largely focused on drug and alcohol treatment and management.

Additionally, NNMCC will be one of the first CoreCivic Safety facilities to implement a process called “Go Further,” which is founded on the belief that every moment of incarceration should be focused on successful reentry. Through this process, inmates will participate in programs that focus on education, faith, substance use disorder treatment, family reunification, and reentry skills.

“Our aim is to challenge offenders to take responsibility for what is accomplished during their incarceration so they can return to the community with the skills needed to make positive choices in their lives,” said Joe Pryor, CoreCivic senior director of Reentry Services.

Go Further is a collaborative planning process that begins at the time an offender is placed at a CoreCivic facility. Using an assessment tool, inmates create a life plan that identifies specific education, treatment and spiritual deficits to work on during their incarceration.

With each inmate’s needs clearly defined, facility staff are able to continually steer them toward improvement and success in their life plan prior to release.

NNMCC’s transition was completed last year, and it includes minor security enhancements to accommodate the new population. A facility dedication ceremony will be held early this year.

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