Room to Bloom: CoreCivic Greenhouse Teaches Inmates Patience, Job Skills

CoreCivic | 10/5/17 10:48 AM

Inmates at CoreCivic’s Crowley County Correctional Facilityin Olney Springs, Colorado, learn vocational skills and the value of patience through their work in the greenhouse, tending to more than 10,000 plants. The program awards industry-recognized certifications (IRCs) that help them get jobs in the horticulture field after release.

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CoreCivic Properties: Maintenance by the Numbers

CoreCivic | 9/28/17 1:11 PM

CoreCivic is a diversified, government-solutions company that helps government at all levels address a range of challenges. Sometimes, we manage a correctional or reentry facility on behalf of a partner. Other times, we provide the needed space for government to do its important work. No matter the solution, facility maintenance plays a critical role in keeping people safe and, in many cases, ensuring that individuals can benefit from life-changing reentry programming.

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CoreCivic Helps Inmates Find Footing with Job Readiness Training

CoreCivic | 9/22/17 10:00 AM

Of the approximately 1.5 million people incarcerated in America’s state and federal prisons, 95 percent will eventually be released back to their communities. Our more than 30 years of experience at CoreCivic has shown that pairing vocational skills training in prison with access to community job placement programs is highly effective at helping inmates find solid employment and successfully reenter the community.

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Transforming Lives In Good Faith

CoreCivic | 8/25/17 12:00 PM

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A Walk in Their Shoes: Reducing Recidivism through Victims Impact Programming

CoreCivic | 8/16/17 12:15 PM

CoreCivic is committed to ensuring inmates have access to proven reentry programs, and the "Victim Impact: Listen and Learn" program is one of our most powerful. The 12-week program helps offenders understand how their crimes have impacted victims – making this connection is an important part of reducing recidivism.

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Wheelchair-Refurbishing Program Inspires Inmates to Help Others

CoreCivic | 8/2/17 9:00 AM

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CoreCivic Helps Inmates Boost in-Demand Tech Skills

CoreCivic | 7/18/17 10:36 AM

The use of technology in the workplace is always changing, which compounds the challenges facing those seeking to reenter society after incarceration. That’s why CoreCivic offers a variety of vocational programming that will help inmates keep their job skills up-to-date – or even learn a new trade.

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Strengthening Culture One Learner at a Time

CoreCivic | 7/10/17 9:00 AM

By Kim White, Executive Vice President of Human Resources

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The Power of Positivity and One CoreCivic Instructor’s High Graduation Rate

CoreCivic | 6/29/17 11:06 AM

For 46 years, Katherline Maclin has been a positive force for change in every classroom she’s taught in — whether a pre-school, a high school or a prison.

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CoreCivic Statement Regarding Coverage by WSMV (CH. 4) of Trousdale Turner Correctional Center

CoreCivic | 6/28/17 5:48 PM

Although we are still reviewing Channel 4’s report in detail, what is already clear is there are numerous factual errors, blatant omissions and gross mischaracterizations. This is not surprising. The conduct of the reporter and station management throughout the development of this story showed that they had very little interest in painting a full, fair and accurate picture of our facility, our company or even the corrections profession itself.

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Out of the Woodwork: A Carpentry Program Helps Inmates and Communities

CoreCivic | 6/19/17 9:11 AM

Every day, vocational instructors at CoreCivic’s Crowley County Correctional Facility in Colorado do the critical work of helping inmates learn real-world job skills. One program accomplishes this task while also allowing inmates to experience the joy of meaningful community service.

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National Correctional Officers & Employees Week: Matthew Trujillo, Senior Correctional Officer

CoreCivic | 6/14/17 4:53 PM

In his 19 years with CoreCivic, Senior Correctional Officer Matthew Trujillo has seen a lot of changes at the company, including a greater focus on reentry programming. Now as squad leader at Eloy Detention Center in Arizona, Trujillo trains and mentors new officers and staff in how to build careers helping others within the company. He also assists in community projects and events. Once a month, Trujillo cooks and serves homeless individuals in Mesa, Arizona.

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National Correctional Officers & Employees Week: Assistant Resident Supervisor Felicia Priester

CoreCivic | 6/14/17 4:52 PM

After working in corrections for nine years with CoreCivic, Assistant Resident Supervisor Felicia Priester made the move to Dallas Transitional Center, a Residential Reentry Center in Texas. She says that interacting with residents and seeing them succeed as they work to reenter their communities is her favorite part of the job.

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National Correctional Officers & Employees Week: Rob Crumpton, Educator

CoreCivic | 6/14/17 4:51 PM

A true believer in the power of education, Instructor Supervisor Rob Crumpton has worked as a teacher at CoreCivic’s Wheeler Correctional Facility for five years — and enjoys every day of it. His favorite part of the job is the pride inmates and their families have on graduation day. He also takes pride in his team’s accomplishments.

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“Faith helps you meet the challenges of rejection…”

CoreCivic | 5/30/17 9:00 AM

When you have a company’s – and the state’s - longest serving correctional chaplain at your facility, you don’t pass up the opportunity to learn a little more about what makes him stay when the people he works with each day are preparing to leave. Meet Chaplain Randall Runions, a 25-year CoreCivic employee who is also an Army Veteran, a pastor and a Board Certified Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor.

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