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CoreCivic Community: Helping People Put Their Lives Back on Track

8/19/19 8:00 AM
CoreCivic Community comprises a growing network of residential reentry centers and offers non-residential services like electronic monitoring and counseling. At our locations across the country, our dedicated employees share a common goal: ...
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“Faith helps you meet the challenges of rejection…”

8/12/19 8:00 AM
When you have a company’s – and the state’s – longest-serving correctional chaplain at your facility, you don’t pass up the opportunity to learn a little more about what makes him stay when the people he works with each day are preparing to leave.
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What CoreCivic Does and Doesn’t Do

8/5/19 8:00 AM
In a politically-charged environment, our role can often be mischaracterized and misunderstood. At the heart of our company is a commitment to helping people. We do this by providing safe environments and life-changing programs. Below are the ...
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"My Song for Life" Program Inspires Self-Expression through Music

7/30/19 8:00 AM
A reentry program known as "My Song for Life" is helping people in our care heal and express themselves in a positive way: through writing their own music. Led by recording artist Mark Collie, the program is available at Metro-Davidson County ...
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Braille Program Helps Inmates Start a Career, Serves a Worthy Cause

7/22/19 8:00 AM
Thanks to a program at CoreCivic's Crossroads Correctional Center, inmates are learning to transcribe the written word into braille – a valuable skill, which they can use to earn an honest living after release. Through the program's partnership ...
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Introducing South Raleigh Reentry Center

7/15/19 7:47 AM
Newly acquired facility combines residential reentry with home confinement services Since 2013, CoreCivic Community has worked to expand its scope of services in the residential and non-residential space. The goal is to offer flexible solutions ...
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The Facts About CoreCivic’s Role in Immigration

7/3/19 10:41 AM
By Damon Hininger, President & CEO, CoreCivic Our nation is experiencing a humanitarian crisis at our border. It is a challenging, often heartbreaking issue that goes to the core of who we are as a nation. Every day, discussions about how to ...
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Learning to Live in Recovery: Treatment Program Combines Family Celebrations, Wellness and More

7/1/19 8:35 AM
When 31-year-old Michael M. entered a new 20-week treatment program at Northeast Ohio Correctional Center, he brought more than two decades of substance use and anger issues with him. While Michael admits he wasn’t always thrilled about ...
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Helping Our Students Turn Their Lives Around

6/27/19 8:00 AM
By Michelle Cotter, Director of Educational Services It’s late May as I write this column, and graduation season is in full swing. Just as we've been celebrating friends and family graduating from high school or college, we also celebrate those ...
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Read to Me Program Helps Incarcerated Dads Stay Connected with Their Children

6/14/19 8:00 AM
With Fathers' Day just around the corner, it's a perfect time to share one of the ways CoreCivic helps incarcerated men stay connected with their kids. At our Red Rock Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, inmates can join a program known as ...
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Carpentry Program Teaches Job Skills, Cultivates Confidence

6/3/19 8:52 AM
At CoreCivic's Crossroads Correctional Center in Shelby, Montana, a standout vocational program teaches inmates carpentry skills. The program is all the more impactful because participants can earn nationally recognized certifications to help ...
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CoreCivic Education Programs Exceeded Goals, Set New Records in 2018

5/28/19 8:00 AM
In the spirit of graduation season, CoreCivic is proud to share the education successes happening at our facilities. We offer more than 30 academic and vocational programs, all designed to help those in our care prepare for reentry. Throughout ...
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Room to Bloom: Crowley Greenhouse Teaches Inmates Patience, Job Skills

5/20/19 8:00 AM
Inmates at CoreCivic’s Crowley County Correctional Facility in Olney Springs, Colorado, learn vocational skills and the value of patience through their work in the greenhouse, tending to more than 10,000 plants. The program awards ...
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CoreCivic’s First-Ever ESG Report Shows More Progress Toward Unprecedented Reentry Goals

5/16/19 8:06 AM
By President and CEO Damon Hininger I’m proud to announce that today CoreCivic has released our first-ever Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report, an industry first highlighting our company’s progress toward reducing our impact on the ...
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National Correctional Officers and Employees Week: Nicholas Tidwell, Registered Nurse

5/11/19 8:00 AM
National Correctional Officers and Employees Week: Nicholas Tidwell, Registered Nurse
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